Knutsford Gangshow - History

A Gang Show is a theatrical performance with a cast of youth members of Scouts and sometimes Guieds too, by invitation. Adult leaders and parents help out behind the scenes. The aim of the shows is to give young people in Scouting and Guiding the opportunity to develop performance skills and perform in a close to professional theatrical environment. Opportunities are also afforded to young people to work backstage, in front of house roles and as musicians in musical items and in the pit band.

The production teams and cast, all volunteers, participate in many hours of planning, writing, composing, choreographing, building stage scenery/props, making costumes and rehearsing for several months before the actual performances. In order to reach the required performance standard for a Gang Show, a high level of commitment is needed from all involved in the production as well as support from their families.

In addition some Gang Shows are organised in the manner of a typical scouting/guiding activity with the participants perhaps grouped into patrols or attending special Gang Show camps, awaydays and activities in order to develop and enhance team cohesion.

Performances take place in theatres, schools, community centres – anywhere with an appropriate level of services for the show to function. Performance runs range from one day up to two weeks, and tickets are available to the general public. In the best examples, Gang Shows are an excellent shop window for the Scout movement.